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Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, Guardians and Marines take pride in their work, their duty, their service. They respect their nation and honor it by putting their lives on the line in defense of it. This pride is not diminished even when the nation cannot decide how it feels about a war it has sent its military off to fight.

It wasn’t easy to be in the military during the Vietnam era. Some 58,260 service members died in that conflict, many of whom must have wondered why they were there. Those who came back also wondered, and nearly all said they were proud of their service. They were called to duty and they responded. That is the pride of our troops.

“Pride is a connection between the mind and heart that controls the never-ending history of American heroes who trusted their upbringing of love of country and flag that helped shape the USA to what it is today. We gave of ourselves one Vet at a time. That’s what keeps us walking tall and no one can ever take that away from us”

Ernest P. Garcia

US Army (Avionics Specialist 5 and Helicopter Door Gunner)

Served 5 May 1969 to 23 December 1971


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