This was his America he came home to

by Maria Dunnam Childers First time my dad went to ‘Nam I just started Jr high…I remember having to write the paper about what we wanted for Christmas…(remembering thinking how dumb…our age group)so I wrote the only thing I wanted was my dad to come home for Christmas and how this would make the whole […]

I was just a kid

Kinike Bermudez ‪‪ IT was the beginning of the VIETNAM war and all military dependents HAD TO LEAVE ASAP! With 9 kids and my parents, my dad didn’t want to separate us on the COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS OUT ON SPACE A, so arrangements were made for our family to fly out in a PARATROOPER TRANSPORT! We […]

Tender Moments—However Small

Not only was I an Air Force brat, but I married an officer and a gentleman in the Air Force. Been a brat for 67 years! One fave memory for me was when my husband arrived in Ubon, Thailand to begin his tour flying F-4’s over Vietnam. In unpacking his gear, a tiny baby sock […]

***The 3417 project, Dog Tags, and TWO ten year old Brats!

by Willy Boroski ….At The Texas Vietnam Memorial celebrating the 3,417 Texas Soldiers who died in Vietnam on 3,417 dog tags! The LBJ Library, Austin, Tx A large room with marble floors, My son couldn’t resist but to touch the dog tags, and Oh My did it chime! Like the sound of tears clanging together…. […]

I can still be a BRAT and I can have my own voice

I’m a Navy BRAT and very proud of that badge I wear. I spent the first 21 years of my life “in the Navy” so to speak. I attended 12 schools and moved too many times to count, but the one constant in my life was my dad. For a military man, he was amazingly […]

Dad, Mom and Old Red

I remember my Dad, my Mom, the mid 1960’s – US Army, COPPERAS COVE neighbors, and soap!  YEP Soap! Dad’s goal in life was to be “a good Neighbor” – We knew ALL our neighbors- That is my goal to this day! Like HIM –I will mow, edge, babysit, (for free) and look out for […]

It was a Bad Year for All

By John C Thunert I remember the year my father served in Vietnam vividly. It was a year that totally changed and shaped the course of the rest of my life. Prior to 1971-72 I had spent virtually all my life on one post or another and thus attending school on post as well. It […]