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About Us


Tijeras, NM , New Mexico                        Tel: (505) 504-6830

militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net               http://militaryfamilymuseum.org

We are the Museum of the American Military Family, the only one of its kind.

*** We recognize and honor the wives and husbands, the parents and grandparents, the sons and daughters who stand behind our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast guard.

*** We want to tell the stories of military families, their pride, their sacrifices, their special challenges.

*** We want to inspire young people to learn about and to uphold the ideals of national service.

*** We want to call attention the very special kinds of people who since the 17th Century till now have seen members of their family sent off to far away and dangerous places to protect America.

*** We want the general public to understand that behind every man or woman in uniform, there are “invisible people” behind them – wives and mothers, fathers and brothers, sisters and children.

What can you do for the Museum of the American Military Family?

*** You can tell us your stories – of heroism and tragedy, compassion and hardship, joy and sorrow, humor and loss, or any special thoughts about families in the military. They can be emailed directly to us at militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net  We’d really like to hear from you!

*** You can send us photos, letters, documents, memorabilia or other archives that reveal the life of military family members. They can either be e-mailed or sent to us via post. (Items e-mailed/sent become part of the permanent collection of the museum.) Call for mailing instructions: (505) 504-6830.

*** You can donate to the Museum –-dollars for support costs such as office and administrative supplies and equipment, print material, equipment such as digital recorders, video cameras, photo albums and things we haven’t thought of yet. We are located in Tijeras, NM on Historic Route 66.

Your contributions are entirely tax-deductible.


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