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I was just a kid

Kinike Bermudez

‪‪ IT was the beginning of the VIETNAM war and all military dependents HAD TO LEAVE ASAP! With 9 kids and my parents, my dad didn’t want to separate us on the COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS OUT ON SPACE A, so arrangements were made for our family to fly out in a PARATROOPER TRANSPORT! We were escorted to the plane, parachutes were placed on each of us and we sat on the paratrooper bench! Dad was briefed on what to do, if we were shot down over the SOUTH CHINA SEAS! We made it safely to CLARK AFB Philippines and was there for debriefing and clearance BEFORE returning to HAWAII, where I actually attended my whole two years, JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEARS AT RADFORD HIGH SCHOOL

I was just a kid (14) when we were evacuated from VIETNAM IN 1965, BY ORDER OF PRESIDENT Lyndon B Johnson. I believe we got a FULL Dislocation Living Allowance, because I remember my parents doing a lot of purchases and since our family was so large (9 kids), We HAD to buy some new things when we were EVACUATED Some of our stuff was looted, and what WAS PACKED, was some TRASH!!! We were housed in the old (HOSPITAL) DISPENSARY and this was the FIRST TIME I ever had my own room and a real bed and not the bottom of a bunk bed! Our home was located at the end OFFICER’S HOUSING at FORT KAMEHAMEHA! We ran the TEEN CLUB, and the MOVIE THEATER and SNACK BAR! WISH I HAD KEPT THOSE MOVIE POSTERS! My three sisters shared a room with single beds but large enough so they had an area of their room! I think this was the OPERATING ROOM because of the placement of the ceiling lights!!

My four of five brothers had one room with two sets of bunks and book shelves for their clothes. The oldest brother, the one born after me, had his own room, next to the laundry room! Our LATRINE had two toilets and two urinals and a showers with two shower-heads, but we didn’t use the bathroom when another person was in there! I scheduled the shower times with the youngest the night before and we older ones in the morning. I was the first after preparing coffee for my dad at 0500 hrs


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