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Dad, Mom and Old Red

I remember my Dad, my Mom, the mid 1960’s – US Army, COPPERAS COVE neighbors, and soap!  YEP Soap!

Dad’s goal in life was to be “a good Neighbor” – We knew ALL our neighbors- That is my goal to this day!

Like HIM –I will mow, edge, babysit, (for free) and look out for my neighbors – Like mom and dad did!

I remember Dad’s Truck… A rusty orange 1951 Ford pickup. Doing lots of things for others… Dad called “Old Red” – (but it was faded orange)

 The Fire!

Then one day my Dad did the Amazing- One of our neighbor’s house burnt-the rooms and what was in it! -But not the entire thing– and had to be rebuilt- – Inside out!

He (Dad) went door to door in his truck to Army folks all over Cove (asking for extra furniture) and within days he furnished their entire house (including beds for a family of 8)!

 Soap and Old Red!

My Dad went to Vietnam – when he wrote and told my mom about the REAL need for bars of soap- For the People there…

Old Red to the rescue…

She (Mom) went door to door (in his truck as he told her to do) and asked for bars of soap for those in Vietnam, from her husband Capt. Boroski – or “Tony” as they knew him in Cove!

— Everyone gave, and many in Town went to the store and bought more soap and dropped it off on our porch-In COVE you knew where everyone lived so no GPS was needed— It was so successful that the Post Office trucks had to come to the house to pick up the thousands of bars of soap for those dying somewhere far far away!

There was no Google or cell phones back then… I remember Mom talking to Dad a rare time on a “Military” phone – where she sad to say “STOP” after a sentence.

I still have the newspaper article (Killeen Daily) about Mom raising SOAP for those in Vietnam – Like Daddy asked! They SERVED together…Their LAST thing together-

-before he died there in 1969-

Looking back (as a married man) I get it- that they navigated under the stars- Like all our Army Moms and Dads did, to raise us and make decisions!

I remember “Old Red” doing what dad wanted to do… Help others!

Dad died that year in Nam and Mom died 4 years ago… and that Truck?

Well, I see it in junk yards and side yards throughout America, And every time I do, I see a better time in COVE when we were all firemen, neighbors, and friends….

Peacesign~ Willy Boroski- A Proud Army Brat!



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