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The Wives’ Games

I was 20 years old and new in town, (Worcester, MA) in the late sixties, living with my husband’s grandmother while he was in Vietnam, and in brat fashion, tried to get involved and meet other people.

I joined a group called Worcester “Waiting Wives”, for others whose husbands were also away for that horrible year. Once a month they’d all get together and have dinner somewhere. There were about 20 at the dinners at any given time.

I couldn’t believe it when at the first one I was asked my husband’s rank and was told I couldn’t sit at these tables…the “lower enlisted” tables were in the back.

Second “outing” was to a museum, and we were asked to drive ourselves, because the bus didn’t have enough available seats. I quit after that. I realize this really didn’t have anything to do with the military, just a bunch of wives…but those games were played even there.

—Cynthia Floyd Sontheimer


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