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Welcome Home-Now Where’s the Car?

By John C Thunert

It was about this time of year 43 years ago, that my Dad came back from his one-year tour in Vietnam. It was cold and snow was on the ground as we drove to the Greater Cincinnati Airport to pick him up in our purple Dodge Dart.

It was a joyous sight to see him walk through the doors dressed in his green Class A uniform. It was, of course, a most wonderful reunion with hugs and kisses all around for my Mom, me, and my two sisters.

After picking up his baggage, it was time to head out for the car and a drive home to the rental in Covington, Kentucky.

Only hitch in the plan was that in the excitement of going to pick Dad up, Mom forgot where she parked. Dad ushered us all back into the warm terminal while he trudged around in the cold and snow in that thin green uniform searching for a car he had not seen in a year.

We waited what seemed like an eternity, which was in truth about an hour and a half. Dad was so excited and happy to be home that he still had a smile on his face when he drove up to the terminal to collect us.



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