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HomeStrong U.S.A Announces Contest Giving Away Free Home to New Mexico Active-Duty Service Member or Veteran

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 7.05.56 PM
(ALBUQUERQUE, NM)— Military veterans and active-duty personnel…here’s your chance to win a free home!

All it takes is submitting a heartfelt essay—and a little luck.

HomeStrong USA plans to give away a three bedroom, two bathroom renovated townhome in Albuquerque to one active-duty service member or honorably-discharged veteran. The 1,021 square-foot
Pueblo-style attached residence comes with an attached one-car garage and is located in a great neighborhood in the city’s west side near the Petroglyph National Monument.

The rules are simple: Each entrant must fill out an entry form answering questions about their service background as well as a few basic personal pieces of information. Each entry must also be accompanied by an essay written by the entrant stating why he or she is most deserving of the free home.

There are no essay rules or style requirements. Though there is no word-count limit, contestants are urged to share your story with this essay.

The HomeStrong Heroes Advisory Committee will review each entry based on the completeness of the entry form—and in regards to the essay, personalization with your story.

Among the points entrants should consider addressing when writing the essay are:
When did you serve?
Where did you serve?
If disabled: Did you become disabled as the result of your service?
If disabled: When and where, and what percentage of disability?
What you came away with after finishing your service to our country?
Again…why do you believe you deserve this home?
We will need a copy of your DD214
The deadline for all entries to be submitted is May 30.

Entries can be submitted by accessing the link on the HomeStrong USA website at: http://homestrongusa.org/housing-programs/homes-for-heroes/apply/. The entry form is in the shaded gray area.

· Completed entries can also be sent by FAX to:
o (800) 915-3480

· Completed entries can also be printed and mailed to:
HomeStrong USA
HomeStrong Heroes Application
8711 Monroe Court/Suite A
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
ATTN: Mr. Pete Serbantes

A Selection Committee will review all entries. The semifinalists will be notified and will gather at 10am on June 14 for a special ceremony at the residence—where the winner will be announced and given the key to the townhome.

HomeStrong USA is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit community development organization with a mission to increase vitality and stability of communities across the nation. The organization promotes successful home ownership through education and counseling, the creation of innovative affordable housing opportunities, and providing resources to local nonprofit organizations.
Dozens of homes have already been awarded to veterans or active-duty service members in similar contests around the nation.

Please visit their website http://www.homestrongusa.org for more information.


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