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Finally Able to Relax

Did anyone else have an experience of moving somewhere, during Vietnam, where you were away from the protests and able to finally stop thinking about it? I was just thinking about when we moved to Hawaii, in 1970, right after Dad’s second tour in VN. We had lived in a small college town while he was gone. I was fairly often asked to justify the fact that my father was over there “killing people”. Of course, the news was full of that crap and you just couldn’t get away from it. I actually had some understanding for some of the protesters, at least those who were actually concerned for the welfare of our military and not calling them names and spitting on them. It was a very confusing and upsetting time to be the teenaged child of a career military father.

So, in 1970, there I was in Hawaii! I immersed myself in the culture there and finally got Vietnam off my mind, for the first time in years! I was lucky that the housing area we lived in went to Waipahu high school, which was NOT predominantly military brats, like some of the others. There was an alternate culture there, and part of that was an attitude that was more “live and let live”. I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything about the fact that my dad was military. I had one good friend who was also a haole Marine brat, and the rest of our group of friends were “chop suey”.

Darillyn Starr


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