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Too Dangerous at College

by Jim Spain

In the early 70s I was an Air Force ROTC instructor at Tulane University in New Orleans. When we were in uniform (cadets and cadre) we were constantly verbally assaulted and frequently had things (including feces) thrown at us from dormitory windows and yes…were spat upon from some of these dormitory windows too.

As a result, for the last year I was stationed there, we were not allowed to wear the uniform. Our own military uniforms in our own country. We were so ordered for our own safety. One of the saddest periods of my life for sure. I am not bitter…that war brought out the worst in many and never had clear objectives and was never conducted to win.


One comment on “Too Dangerous at College

  1. I remember that era all too well. You fellas did not deserve any of that grief!!

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