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NEWS From: BratPin Inc. For Immediate Release

BratPin, Inc.

10324 Obee Road Whitehouse, OH 43571

Contact: Bob Holliker 567-246-5204


 Non-Profit BratPin Inc. Honors Military Brats of all ages Worldwide

October 15, 2013, Whitehouse, Ohio, USA —- Believed to be the first of it’s kind,

the BratPin™ was conceived and developed to honor and commemorate military

brats however connected to all branches of the US military for their unheralded

service to America and their countless sacrifices.

The BratPin is the brainchild of Robert F. Holliker Jr., a retired Air Force Lt.

Colonel who grew up as a military brat himself. Holliker had tried repeatedly to

for nearly three and one-half years to have a commemorative lapel pin approved

by the US House of Representatives. First as HR 5333: Children of Military

Service Members Commemorative Lapel Pin Act (2010), then a year later

reintroduced as HR 1014. Finally in May 2013 the bill was once again introduced

as HR 1889, and currently sits ‘in committee’ today.

Frustrated that Congress had continually refused to recognize a peer

group he knew well from his first-hand experience beginning in 1950, Holliker

decided to proceed on his own with no government support or funding.

From the beginning Holliker had no interest in profiting from the BratPin

venture. His motivation was purely to recognize military brats. Holliker’s

commitment to that end drove him to completely fund the BratPin project with his

own money.

To manage this non-profit venture Holliker founded BratPin Inc., an Ohio

corporation. He pledges that the net proceeds of BratPin sales to will be 100%

distributed to other non-profit organizations serving and supporting children of

military personnel – military brats.

BratPin lapel pins measure 7 1/4” x 3/4” and each. Each BratPin lapel pin

sells for $7.50 each, plus $4.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the US, with

additional charges for international shipments and/or for overnight shipping

services . The pins typically ship within four days of receipt of each order.

Because Holliker is funding this venture entirely on his own, his initial

BratPin order was only 1,200 lapel pins. Now he wishes that order would have

been considerably larger, because he had pre-paid orders for 216 BratPins,

largely by word of mouth and social media, before his first shipment arrived from

his supplier.



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