Lenard Demaray

by  Paul Silva


I met Lenard Demaray in 1967, we were both young CH-47 Chinook Flight
Engineers with Company C, 228th ASHB, 1st Air Cavalry Division. The Chinooks
were the work horse of the Air Cavalry, we did it all; moved and resupplied
Artillery, combat assaults with infantry, recovered downed aircraft, and
numerous other missions. The 1st Air Cav. had over 400 helicopters in 1967,
48 were Chinooks, 16 each in Company’s A, B & C. The Armed Chinooks, Guns
A-GO-GO were attached to the 228th in 67, our base camp was in An Khe,
Central Highland.  It was a honor to serve with Lenard, you could depend on
him under the most difficult conditions. The Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member
Association will have it’s annual reunion near Washington DC this coming
June, I’m sure some of us that knew and served with him will make our way to
Arlington to pay our respects.

This is from his obituary:

1Sgt. Leonard A. Demaray was buried at Arlington National Cemetery at                                                                                                                                                          1100 hrs. January 25, 2013. He was buried with full military honors that befitted the true hero he was. A career soldier with 27 years active service, he saw action in Viet Nam, Dominican Republic, and the Persian Gulf. In Viet Nam he was with the First Cavalry, Company C 228th ASHB., Guns A Go-Go, and the 1/9 Cavalry. During his four and one-half years in country then Sp6 Demaray saw action primarily as a flight engineer on a CH-47 and as a gunner on a OH-6 scout. He also managed to accumulate a list of medals and awards that according to an article in the Army Times, (June 1974), makes him the most decorated soldier of the Viet Nam conflict. His list of medals
and awards are:

Silver Star with one OLC, Distinguished Flying Cross with 3  OLCs;

Bronze Star with V device and three OLCs;  

Army Commendation Medal with V device and five OLCs;

Purple Heart with three OLCs

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm.  

Not counted in the above are:

the Vietnam Service Medal with 11 campaign stars,

Vietnam Campaign medal with 60 devices,

Aircraft Crewman Badge,

CIB with 10 unit citations

National Defense Service Medal

Good Conduct Medal with two clasps

…In four and one-half years of flying he also received 89 Air Medals.



4 comments on “Lenard Demaray

  1. R.I.P my best freind and brother .
    Bill Kee,B Co .228th ,Guns A Go Go .66-68
    180 th avn. 71-72

  2. I too served with Lenny,as a young flight eng. he was a big brother to all of us. Thank You and RIP. Lynn Adams C Co. 228th ASHB 1969

  3. I came along much later (Desert Shield/Storm). As a CW2 in the 4/3 ACR, I stayed very close to Leonard, while moving through Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Later as a company commander in OIF, I used what he taught me. I had a very successful command.

  4. I too was 228th and new Leonard ( I was B. Co) But new and appreciated Leonard. he was one of the best. Hope to meet him again in Fidlers Green.

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