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On Veteran’s Day, Let’s Remember ALL Veterans

I wanted to share my own personal experiences with veterans who are the truly forgotten veterans. There won’t be photos of them.  These are the men and women, who, because they were the vets became hospitalized for emotional and addictive issues. Having no pictures protect their identity. Even so, they are deserving of recognition as hero/heroine all the same. The list includes the schizophrenics who struggled against the onslaught of hallucinations, emotions, and the loss of finding some means of communicating with the world. Or the heroin addicts who returned from Vietnam self-medicating what we now know as PTSD. Along with the emotional issues, were the effects of Agent orange and other chemicals dropped on the troops. And the men and women who returned with scars from Bosnia with alcohol addiction as a issue. Then my last encounters were with Gulf war vets, who like their Vietnam brothers and sisters, PTSD returned based on a new war and the brutality they lived through while serving. My intent is to honor these service personnel too. They are unlikely to be seen in any celebrated format but are deserving of our respect.

Michael Sergent


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